Sellors Solicitors

Sellors Solicitors approached ActionPoint not only for its IT expertise but to, in effect, become a strategic business partner.

Sellors Solicitors is an Irish law firm whose success has been built on forming effective partnerships. In 2015, Keating & Keogh Solicitors, a law firm dating back to 1971 merged with Connolly Sellors Geraghty, a practice with roots in the 1800s. This merger meant that two teams, working out of two offices in Limerick, were combining resources. Sellors Solicitors approached ActionPoint to help with the transition and to plan for a more digitally-focused future.


  • Client: Sellors Solicitors
  • Client Since: 2015
  • Main Services we provide:
    • Helpdesk
    • IT Consultancy
  • Key Projects:
    • Office 365 Integration
    • Business Continuity
    • IT Security
"We wanted a strategic IT partner that could tell us what we needed, when we need it and where we need to invest. Building that type of relationship with ActionPoint, for us, has been the most important thing.”

Stephen Keogh, Managing Partner
Sellors Solicitors

Our Story

The Challenge

Stephen Keogh is managing partner at Sellors Solicitors. He explained why they approached ActionPoint at such a defining period.

“We were taking a big jump with two small firms suddenly becoming one of the largest law firms in the Midwest Region. We knew we would need the help of an IT partner to ensure efficiency and smooth transition. We wanted an IT team that we could trust. Ultimately, we needed a strategic partner that would guide us through everything we needed from a technology perspective. Our goal is to be at the cutting edge in terms of technology and efficiency. We know that’s the future of legal services but embracing technology was never something we excelled at. We made a conscious decision to commit ourselves fully to this goal and to building a strong relationship with our IT partner.”

The Solution

Since the partnership began, ActionPoint has helped Sellors Solicitors become a more IT savvy organisation. With the help of a trusted IT partner, this long-established law firm is undergoing a digital transformation.

Office 365 Integration

ActionPoint’s first task was to consolidate all servers into one building, which had to be done to accommodate the merger. However, once done, the next stage was to create a work environment that was less reliant on that building. ActionPoint has introduced Office365. The internal messaging system and remote access has allowed Sellors Solicitors to improve efficiency and work more flexibly.


Sellors Solicitors uses ActionPoint’s ticketing system – Helpdesk. Monthly site checks are also in place to ensure IT infrastructure is running smoothly.

A Paper-Light Office

Reducing paper usage has been an ongoing goal of Sellors Solicitors. Although not yet paperless, reliance on physical documentation has decreased significantly in favour of electronic filing and sharing.


Within the legal industry, security is paramount. New anti-virus protection and firewall has been installed as standard. To complement this, ActionPoint has provided guidance on security best practices. This includes a more robust password reset policy.

The Result

With the help of an experienced IT partner, Sellors Solicitors has become a more robust, technologically proficient practice. On the back of an ongoing and successful digital transformation, they have set sights even higher. When we spoke with Stephen Keogh, the development of the “on-the-go professional” and improving efficiency through technology were areas the firm remains focused on.

This belief in the power of technology has been cultivated through yet another successful partnership for the Irish law firm. According to Stephen Keogh, the benefits of this most recent partnership go beyond IT expertise. “Improvements in technology aside, what has been critically important, has been working with an IT partner that we can trust to guide us in a very assured and competent manner. We wanted a strategic IT partner that could tell us what we needed, when we need it and where we need to invest. Building that type of relationship, for us, has been the most important thing.”